An essential component of The Tracking Project’s program is the art of peacemaking. Just as the true martial arts in their higher form lead to awareness and sensitivity rather than violence, the awareness induced by tracking, together with the Arts of Life, deep listening skills and simply being in nature, can lead to a profound inner peace. In this sense, nature itself is a peacemaker. For us, peace is the not the end of the process to heal the Earth—it is the beginning.


2020 Calendar is now online! Please note: These listings are the dates which were fixed by January 2, 2019. We take part in many other gatherings and events throughout the year which are hosted by a variety of other groups.


John Stokes and PAZ (Mapitzmitl Xuikwetpaltzin — long-time member of our Native Advisory Board) have been asked to present for this upcoming Summit on Global Resilience in May. Our presentation has already been recorded and includes our thoughts on tracking, survival, culture, gratitude and healing our relation to the Earth.


Check out our STAFF VIDEOS. And below, Jade Stokes talks about being born into The Tracking Project, finding one's place and position in this vast web of interconnections, the link between nature and creativity, and the role of the young in helping set up values and systems that are in tune with nature.

“Study the animals unobserved, learn their secrets. Wolf knows how to endure under the severest conditions. Deer can teach how to withstand thirst for a long time. The hawks give lessons in how to strike with accuracy. The elk teaches gallantry, the frogs watchfulness, the owl night wisdom and gentle ways, the bears strength, the foxes cunning and the coyotes how to elude capture.” ( from Mystic Warriors of the Plains)