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December 2011 - November 2012

*Courses which are open to the public are marked with a star*.

* December 10, 2011 A Journey of Many Voices: Stories Across the Curriculum, Corrales, New Mexico. John Stokes will join Abenaki storyteller/writer Joseph Bruchac for this one day exploration of “how stories can help us to teach, learn, write and tell our own stories.” $30 per person. Click here to view flyer. For more information & registration call: 505-897-8375 (Cottonwood School) or

January 18 & 21 Bujinkan Martial Arts, Rio Rancho, New Mexico. We will present two hour-long sessions of Arnis training for the “7 Up” belts at the Bujinkan dojo.

January 28 - February 20 Arts of Life, Hawai’i / Nurturing the Roots, Mentor Outreach, Polynesia. We will travel to O‘ahu for our annual work with the Kamehameha Elementary School, as well as meetings with Brother Noland, the graduates of our TTPHI mentor training and others. We will also visit Papeete and our friends on Huahine in French Polynesia.

March/April The Arts of Life / NTR Mentor Outreach, Brazil. John Stokes will travel to Brazil to join several members of our Nutrindo as Raízes mentor group to present a special course for educators in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina.

May 21 - May 25 Nurturing the Roots: Cottonwood School, Cuba, New Mexico. Our mentor team, including Cary Odes, Joel Glanzberg, John Stokes and others will once again work with the staff of the Cottonwood Montessori School of Corrales, New Mexico.

June (dates to be determined) Nurturing the Roots: Mentor Outreach, O‘ahu. We will visit Hawai‘i to continue our work with our TTPHI mentor group, joining our graduates in their community programs around the islands.

* July 7 - 14 Hawkeye Training, Cuba, New Mexico. A week-long skills camp for boys ages 12-18, held near Cuba, NM. Skills include tracking, survival, Nature awareness, music, story, dance, comedy and the martial arts. Limited to 30 boys. This will be the 26th year of the Hawkeye camp! For information and registration, contact: The Tracking Project, (505) 898-6967. Cost: $600 Click here to view flyer.

* July 7 - 14 Hawkeye Scout, Cuba, New Mexico. This will be the fourteenth year for this advanced training camp for young men. Skills include advanced tracking, stalking, movement and living on the land. Limited to 13 young men. For information and registration, contact: TheTracking Project, (505) 898-6967, Cost: $600.

* July 21 - 28 Dreamtracking, Cuba, New Mexico. Our week-long skills camp for girls, ages 10 - 16, now in its seventeenth year. Offering basic tracking and survival skills, music, story, dance and natural movement training, this camp is a counterpart to our Hawkeye Training camp for boys. Limited to 30 girls. For information and registration, contact: The Tracking Project, (505) 898-6967. Cost: $600. Click here to view flyer.

* August 24 - 26 The Art of Seeing, The Way of the Tracker, New Mexico. Joel Glanzberg (teacher of permaculture and landscape design) will join John Stokes for an immersion experience in the art of seeing. Together John and Joel blend the pattern recognition/ literacy of permaculture and tracking into a deep exploration of Nature, sustainability and whole systems. For information and registration, contact: TheTracking Project, (505) 898-6967. Cost: $250. Click here to view flyer.

* September 8 - 15 Tracking in the Southwest, New Mexico. Join us for this Southwestern tracking intensive — a hiking, camping and tracking journey to the heart and soul of northern New Mexico. A unique opportunity to learn about animal tracking, survival skills, Native cultures and the Arts of Life while camping out in the land of the Anasazi. Limited to 25 people. Cost: $950. Special price for registration before June 1 — $800. For information and registration, contact: The Tracking Project, (505) 898-6967, Click here to view flyer

October (dates to be determined) The Art of Tracking / Mentor Outreach Brazil. Our team will travel to Brazil for a series of gatherings and tracking classes. At this time we are planning to join the members of our mentor circle, Nutrindo as Raízes, and our partners at the University of Peace (UNIPAZ) to present a course in Brasília.

Please note: We take part in many other gatherings and events throughout the year. These listings are the dates which were fixed by publication time for this newsletter (December 12, 2011). Visit the Calendar page of our website for updates and additions to this listing.

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