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Arts of Life

ARTS OF LIFE* programs provide a team of educators/artists for school and community visits nationally and internationally.

Nurturing the Roots: A Community Mentor Program brings together community educators from around the world to share successful strategies.

Firemaking at Dreamtracking camp

*Dreamtracking, Hawkeye Training, Hawkeye Scout and other tracking/life skills camps train youth to be aware, caring and self-reliant.

*Youth Leadership camps provide opportunities to recognize young leaders and provide them with advanced training. 

*Tracking the Roots of Peace provides a team of Native and non-Native educators/ peacemakers to mentor communities and individuals in strategies for peace.

*Tracking in the Southwest and other classes provide tracking and nature awareness skills to a general audience.

*The Art of Seeing / The Way of the Tracker blends the pattern recognition skills of permaculture and hard ground tracking.

Boys stalking, the art of silent
movement, at Hawkeye camp

Women's Awareness Training and Bringing the Pieces Together Againwork specifically with women's and men's groups.

*Arts of Life is a trademark and service mark of The Tracking Project.)



Tracking in Brazil—a group shot at Macaco,
La Chapada dos Veiadeiros.


Elders at Santa Fe Council

Native men's team








Tracking in Montana—September 1998



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