John Stokes The Tracking Project

John Stokes

Founder & Director

The founder & Director of The Tracking Project, Inc. in Corrales, New Mexico is a well-known musician, performer, writer and teacher of tracking. Since 1980 he has worked and traveled extensively in his efforts to bring awareness of the natural world and the integrity of indigenous peoples to interested people around the world. 


Geri Ayrault

Artist, Guidance Counselor

Geri Ayrault has trained and taught with The Tracking Project for the last 20 years, after making an initial connection with John Stokes and his staff at Omega in Rhinebeck, New York in 1990. She has been a core staff member of the Dreamtracking wilderness camp for girls since it began in 1996 and has staffed Tracking Project school and mentor programs in New Mexico and around the US and in Hawaii.


Lisa Bennett Matkin The Tracking Project

Lisa Bennett Matkin

Yoga Therapist

Lisa has been teaching yoga and meditation for close to 25 years. She is known to many through her appearance on the Yoga Zone TV shows and their line of videos. She was the co-director of the Mind Body Therapy Department at Haelth, a complementary Health Care Center in NYC founded by Dr. William Fair of Memorial Slone Kettering where she co-developed a 1000 hour therapeutic yoga teacher training certification program.


Karen Coombs The Tracking Project

Karen Coombs

Farmer, Herbalist, Craftswoman

Karen grew up on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Western Montana. Her Depression–era parents gardened, composted and recycled. Hunting and fishing, gathering berries, herbs and mushrooms and putting them up for winter was a way of life. Karen’s Auntie Helen used to say ” A lot of healing starts in the kitchen.” Using herbs was always the place to start when anyone was sick. 


Joel Glanzberg The Tracking Project

Joel Glanzberg

Builder, farmer, teacher, writer, storyteller, naturalist, and permaculturalist

Joel Glanzberg has broad experience in environmental design and ecological restoration projects, particularly in the arid regions of the southwest US and Latin America.  He has also worked extensively in the field of regenerative agriculture. An active author and educator in the fields of permaculture and ecological restoration, he is skilled in cross-cultural communication and teaching.


Solar Law

Health Care Professional, Teacher of Sustainability,

Working and sharing with The Tracking Project since 1988, Solar Law now finds work and joy in the diverse ecosystems of Brazil. There The Tracking Project is expanding its work and reaching more youth in their need. Collaborating with like-minded people The Tracking Project has initiated Instituto Projeto Pegadas Brazil, a sister branch of our growing tree of nature awareness. 


Geej Williams The Tracking Project

Geej Williams

Thespian, Singer-Songwriter, Webdesigner

A webdesigner, singer-songwriter, and theater artist from the Philippines, Geejay is The Tracking Project’s web designer of 19 years.  She met the The Tracking Project staff during the TTP mentor training organized by the Initiatives for International Dialogue in Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines. Inspired by the training, she and three other women participants co-founded the all-women performing group Mebuyan Peace Project.


Cary Odes The Tracking Project

Cary Odes

Professional Stand-up Comedian

Cary Odes is the Tracking Project‘s on-call Professional Comedian and in-house Mortician. Cary has been performing as a stand up at clubs and colleges across the country since 1980. In 1989 he met John Stokes while they were both working at a men’s conference. That fall, John had him entertaining in a cave during a thunderstorm and teaching wilderness skills he had learned only an hour before.


Jade Stokes The Tracking Project

Jade Stokes

Youth Trainer

Born and raised in the Albuquerque area, Jade grew up traveling with The Tracking Project. A homeschooling education allowed her to experience many cultures and cultivate her own personal Arts of Life skills in addition to teaching natural and cultural awareness through tracking and survival skills. Jade began assisting at courses in 2005, and became a full staff member in 2007 when she completed her first Nurturing the Roots Community Mentor Program alongside participants from the Cottonwood Montessori School (NTR Cottonwood, 2004-2007).


Keith Strever The Tracking Project

Keith Strever

Tree Planter, Farmer

Keith Strever was born on a small farm in Illinois in 1946. He studied history at Illinois Wesleyen College from 1965 to 1967. He served in the U.S. Navy as a radar technician from 1967 to 1971, with two 6-month tours in Viet Nam. In 1972 he moved to New Mexico where he lives to this day.


Cary Odes The Tracking Project

Greg Vaccaro

Martial Artist

Master Gregory Vaccaro has been involved with the study of martial arts since 1969, and established his own schools in 1980. Over the years he has influenced thousands of students, with diverse training in the traditional martial arts.

A Master of TaeKwon-Do, he also holds black belt degrees in HapKi-Do, and Arnis, and is well versed in various other arts along with Taiji & Qigong. An eternal student, his open-minded approach has helped him learn from many masters throughout the world.


Able West The Tracking Project

Able West

Acupuncturist, Tai Chi Martial Artist

Able was born and raised in northern New Mexico. While growing up, he spent much of his time in the mountains, from which he developed a deep respect for the natural world. At a young age he was exposed to Eastern and Native American internal practices, which have helped him to be centered and open-minded. He began studying the healing arts from his stepfather in 1985, and has continued to learn ever since, receiving a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine.