Cultural Perspectives on Dream and Dreaming

For years, one of the most popular parts of The Tracking Project’s courses has been the daily dream circle. John Stokes, Director of the Project, has often talked about offering a course on dreams and dreaming that would address the dream ecology he has encountered in his travels and work with traditional cultures and communities around the world.

It is not necessary to have taken part in previous classes to attend this workshop. Through storytelling, dream circles, tracking exercises and journaling, John hopes to give participants new perspectives on how we can access our dreams and visions—remembering dreams, recording dreams, sending and receiving dreams, incubating dreams… Using techniques of “dream tracking” we will look at dreaming through the eyes of many varied cultures and traditions.

Cultural Perspectives on Dreaming - Dream Art by Judy Haas
Cultural Perspectives on Dreaming - Dream Art by Judy Haas

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