A short explanation of the MENTOR OUTREACH program here.

In May / June 2018 Lisa Bennett Matkin and John Stokes traveled to the islands of Tahiti Nui, Huahine and Raiatea to answer the call and finally meet the sacred site of the great marae, Taputapuatea on the island of Raiatea.

From June 7-14, 2014 our community mentor staff and students gathered at the Circle A Ranch Hostel in New Mexico for the third and final year of the TTP/NM mentor program.

In 2010 we once again visited French Polynesia, where we have established a small network of friends, artists and cultural practitioners. Most of our time was spent on the island of Huahine, an island rich in history and cultural sites.

In 2010 we followed the tracks of the onça pintada (painted jaguar) once again to the heart of Brazil where we found the fire from our teachings still burns brightly in the hearts and minds of our young students, os rastreadores Brasileiros.

From the inspiration of two of our mentor graduates—Isabel and Andreía Taukane of the Kura-Bakairí people and other members of their family—has come Círculo dos Saberes (Circle of Wisdom/Knowings), an indigenous youth and elder gathering which creates a space for reflection on themes linked to natural and cultural awareness.

Once again we focused on an outreach initiative which would strengthen our existing global mentor network and expand our work into new areas. We chose the vast, rich “triangle” formed by the Hawaiian Islands, the islands of French Polynesia and the heart of Brazil. 

In January 2005 we returned to the cerrado region of central Brazil, following the tracks of the onça (jaguar) as they led us to the third and final year of Nutrindo as Raízes, our Brazilian mentor program. 

In the summer of 1998, we completed the initial three-year training phase of our mentor program, Nurturing the Roots. In our minds, the completion of the training was the culmination of a decade of “staff development” and the beginning of the work we could all do together as a global team.