What is the Tracking Project

FOUNDED as a non-profit organization in 1986 by John Stokes, The Tracking Project (TTP) in Corrales, New Mexico, has worked with community educators and Native elders from around the world to design a series of teachings which connect individuals directly to the natural world.

Message from the Director

Greetings to everyone from the high desert of northern New Mexico, a land rich in history, culture, diversity and ceremony, where the shortened days of winter have once again given way to the return of the celestial light and the coming of a New Year.


IN the world of traditional knowledge, one's lineage is very important. Who was your teacher? What school are you from? To whom are you responsible? What elders have taken responsibility for you? In the old ways you are responsible to the knowledge you have been given. This is the protocol, your passport, the name you present to the "Keepers at the Gate" when they ask, "Who are you?"


~January (dates to be determined) Bujinkan Martial Arts, Rio Rancho, New Mexico. We will present two hour-long sessions of Arnis training for the “7 Up” belts at the Bujinkan dojo. February (dates to be determined) Nurturing the Roots / Mentor Outreach, Polynesia. We will travel to the Hawaiian Islands to continue our work with our mentor circle and the new friends we have met in the past year.

“Study the animals unobserved, learn their secrets. Wolf knows how to endure under the severest conditions. Deer can teach how to withstand thirst for a long time. The hawks give lessons in how to strike with accuracy. The elk teaches gallantry, the frogs watchfulness, the owl night wisdom and gentle ways, the bears strength, the foxes cunning and the coyotes how to elude capture.” ( from Mystic Warriors of the Plains)